Talent Management: shaping the cultural integration of people, business platform attractive selection of new members who match the quality of long-term layout of the reserve people, improve the system and train people, the scientific evaluation of human performance.

Employees are the most valuable resource, responsible personnel is the core competitiveness of enterprises an important part. Zhao new company to pursue "new trillion big stage to make people responsible," the concept of talent in order to build "talent trillion new" as the goal to cultivate critical and urgent need of qualified personnel, staff development as the focal point of service, active implementation of talent thriving enterprise strategy, scientific staff to develop and implement annual training programs, new talent trillion forest plan and build a business development personnel to adapt to the work system.

Trillion of new big stage to make people responsible

"Trillion new arena" means trillion to activate the new company and every employee to respect the creativity, there is sufficient space to allow all employees to display their talents. "Due diligence to make people" has two meanings: first, the textile industry is a meticulous division of labor, jobs closely associated with the industry, trillion new division of the company's employees only difference, there is no equal of the other; Second, no matter what sort of specific occupations, as long as the employee due diligence duties, accomplish the tasks of this position, can be taught, are the business needs of the people.



* Trillion new achievements of people, but also the achievements of others. Talent is the company's first trillion of new resources.

* Trillion new company to create a fair employment environment, want to give a chance to do things, can do things to a stage made of things to a burden of talent to provide staff with a broad platform.


Know it

* Identify the corporate culture, a sense of responsibility and being able to sense reflected in the action, good cooperation, the pursuit of effectiveness of the work of the employees are trillion of the new company personnel.


Use only

* Zhao advocates employing the new company, "Germany as a precondition, for standard, competition, performance appraised" to build expertise and resources of the business environment to attract talent, out of mediocrity, do not bury people.



* Company personnel to support enterprise development as the driving force, only the continuous development of staff in order to promote the sustainable development of enterprises, the establishment of a learning organization, and gradually improve their career planning, provide various forms of training and education and promotion opportunities.