In an increasingly competitive market situation, a good employee for the company, its value is immeasurable, a professional staff, need to have work with industry service quality and capacity of the basic requirements and personal accomplishment.

Lack of qualified staff, there can be a qualified service behavior, satisfactory performance.
Good employees can not only enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, but also in the production, management, business and other sectors to play an active role, while promoting other people's enthusiasm for work.

Employees are fundamental, is to ensure that corporate goals of profit, business success in the final analysis from the staff's efforts to create out of the performance.

Company is committed to building a compatible system of human resource development, and always adhere to people-centered concept of employment, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, respect and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, employees at all levels to build a good platform to grow, promote the common people and businesses progress and overall development.

2012, to further improve staff salaries, benefits and insurance system. Full implementation of the full economic value added and performance assessment, standardized performance planning, evaluation, performance improvement and other programs to form a unified standard, up and down link, covering senior and middle managers, technicians and operators of the performance appraisal system. Continue to rank and salary distribution key positions and key personnel tilt, steadily improve technical skills, night shift allowances and other job criteria, initially established a standardized corporate salary management system. The company also increased the intensity of implementing enterprise supplementary medical insurance, the scope of the employees to achieve full coverage, reducing the employee's medical expenses.

With a career on the staff responsible attitude to democracy, open, competitive, merit principles, from internal and external selection of Employment for all kinds of talents for business development to provide personnel protection and intellectual support. The company continued to promote the management, technical, operational skills, talent ranks, follow the "management" principle, focus on training programs to promote, regulate professional training programs to ensure that staff training goals.

To meet the ever-expanding international business demand for talent, companies focus on strengthening the management of overseas operations and human resources development, and actively promote the localization and composition of diverse talents to create communication, coordination and harmonious working environment.