1, to bring more added value for customers.

Our customers to choose products that promise solemnly believe that we are a trusted company. We have in the product design, manufacturing, services, offers unexpected additional benefits to the customers, make customers feel that our trillion of new products is a real value for money.

2, the customer's needs determine the behavior of enterprises.

We should strive to achieve through the network means to track each and every customer, to stay in touch with the customer's in-depth, customer feedback is the best business guide. We dared to customer commitment - we meet your needs.

3, the customer's interests trillion of new interests.

We make customer satisfaction in our products and services.

4, we define the concept of the customer.

Use of our products and enjoy our services and organization is our common external customers;
The next process is the internal procedure on the customer;
Sales is that customers of all employees;
All employees at all levels of management of the company's customers;
Treat each customer, we are adhering to a belief: We will do a better job for you.



Long-term development and realization of personal value of life, seeking to have everything we need to do better. Insist that we find a good ideal to do meticulous precision are our standards. We are determined to become a deep-rooted trees Zhimao millennium.

1, customer satisfaction is the only quality standard.

We firmly believe that by playing our wisdom, we can make the customer 100% satisfaction. Accordance with the requirements of our customers and constantly improve the quality of products and is neither due to quality problems and affect the image quality does not result in waste.

2, to create for customers moving services.

Customer satisfaction, you can secure the current market, for customers moving, we can seize potential market. We not only appear when the customer wants, the customer will take the initiative to bring more surprises. Our products are carefully shaped children, we make him a strong life-long health.

3, working to improve indefinitely.

We are fully prepared by the best, so every decision about the best; we play each individual's talents, so that its maximum effectiveness of corporate assets; we must always remember that the purpose of survival, controlling costs is everyone's responsibility and create a better efficiency is everyone's goal. We are engaged in every job, pursue efforts to achieve personal best through.


Test results

No matter how complex and difficult process, we can recognize the value of only one point - the result of our efforts.

1, the root cause of the rapid development of the demand increase.

All our work is to enable enterprises to survive and develop rapidly. The test is valuable to our work is the only standard - acceptance of our customers, that is, demand is increasing.

2, the company's future created by the staff.

Employees are the soul of the enterprise is the value of employees to achieve the carrier. Although we advocate a people-oriented, but are truly people-oriented, depending on the degree of satisfaction of employees of enterprises; while we pursue the development and powerful, but can achieve this vision the whole of the staff every day well prepared. Performance of each company that are inseparable from the joint efforts of staff and co-participation, we know that the company every success, every point performance, with the staff for their efforts and participation are inseparable.

3, the pragmatic truth is the only style of work.

Here, you do not have to say, your job performance will speak for themselves; here, you do not need self-promotion, your contributions are respected at every point; we do not praise vigorous scenes, not sympathy arduous process, different different magnitude of value of work, our attention is the result. However, we sincerely welcome you to say, say it to your truth, speak out your request.


One step ahead

Competitive era, in fact, is the "fast" era. Fast on the premise that good, can do the best, fastest success the party we are only required to act quickly, we strongly opposed to blind action.

1, liquid gain the upper hand.

Only through rapid action in order to make our decision to become a real good benefits; missed market opportunities, even the best decisions also will be worthless.

2, to transform itself in order to better ourselves.

Our credo is to manage the endless, merciless affectionate management system. We clearly understand that to become the market leader, you can not be long overdue to do something held back. A basis for poor management of the enterprise not qualified to talk about lead. Each employee should deeply realize that we are always the choice of crisis and opportunity, only to transform itself rapidly to achieve in order to ultimately achieve self-transcendence, and beyond the self is the greatest joy in life.

3, lead does not mean seeking odd divergent.

Every business everyone is eager ahead of the competition, but we know that real leadership is business performance, adapt to market changes is the speed of change is the speed of ideas.

4, the efficiency is the best embodiment fast.

The real meaning of efficiency - made good speed.

Certainly do not. Do do well is not a valid labor and waste of resources. Also well done but not leading speed, it will not bring proper value for the enterprise. We ask yourself three steps to be able to look too far, go ahead.

5, learning is a source of business growth.

We have at any time through a variety of training, open-minded study to the opponent, to learn trades, to study abroad; our employees and staff to promote mutual learning between all levels of management to front-line employees have to take the initiative to learn. Study results also reflected in the continuous advances in technology, management innovation, the best efficiency, customer satisfaction and market expansion. Not only the growth of knowledge to improve job performance is a waste of investment in learning.

6, the system is the best guarantee behavioral outcomes.

Our discipline is the company's system. Waste of resources, any act in violation of company values ​​is the contempt of the system, we have the responsibility, the duty to maintain discipline and dignity.

7, is the leading spirit of the moral guarantee.

Corporate ethical standards and ethical standards of employees, once translated into concrete actions, it will direct role in society and customers. We always maintain our established moral standards - never harm the interests of society and the interests of customers. Employee's ethical standards is a strong corporate ethical standards support. We welcome an open and fair competition, the kind of contempt for their own selfish interests at the expense of others' unfair competition.

8, the image of the photo is the enterprise never fade.

We value the good image of the new trillion, trillion while ongoing efforts to create new and better image of everyone to maintain their good image to the company's image.

9, and surpass the quality.

Through learning and innovation, we continuously improve their quality. We firmly believe that how good the staff, will have the same excellent performance of the company.

10, personnel training groups.

Overall leader, without a large number of leading knowledge, skills and ideas of employees, without management thinking within the company unique. We dare to face their gaps, we know that their own hopes. People are our most valuable resource, our employees for any tree a ladder, take the stage.


Always skating on thin ice

No matter how successful companies how powerful changes in the market so that enterprises in crisis at any time, if not a good response to the crisis, the business will suffer. Every employee should have a constant sense of crisis walking on thin ice, dedication, excellence, creativity to their jobs better. To be innovative, continuously improve and enhance the work, so that all work has been further perfection.

1, the crisis will occur at any time.

Rapidly changing environment, if not kept pace with the pace of the market, companies will fall into crisis. At that time, staff had to run around in order to survive and displaced, family burden, status falls, mental balance, everything is all because we have ignored with a time of crisis about.

2, the crisis stems from our own behavior.

We ignore changes in the market environment, product quality indulgence, perfunctory service, the customer needs and customer feedback indifference, a waste of valuable resources, reduction of their standard, are likely to lay criminal enterprise in crisis the seed.

3, the crisis gives us the opportunity.

Crisis is an opportunity. As long as the master of crisis management and flexible use of this powerful weapon to strengthen the social environment faced by the monitoring and research, and constantly improve the internal organization and external adaptability, able to cope with the crisis at any time, so Chuluanbujing.

4, a crisis in a cross.

Crisis is the temper of all employees is the quality of the staff review. Crisis, the gap between the enterprise aware of their own, to enable enterprises to enhance the sense of crisis, the company has accumulated experience in response to the crisis, most companies are facing the crisis came to be step by step.


Create a good environment

As an independent economic organization, the first purpose of our existence is to continue to create more profits. But the employees decided to rise and fall, the company they have to create a harmonious, pleasant working and living environment. At the same time, we will not be responsible for the natural environment in pursuit of the enterprise's economic goal and give up the commitment to the natural environment.

1, duty-bound to protect the natural environment.

Social development and technological progress, mankind has been facing serious environmental pollution problems, our goal is to enable the rapid development of new trillion, declining manufacturing and use of the natural environment hazards.

2, the staff a better life.

In addition to improving people's living and working environment, we also focus on creating an enabling regulatory environment, to create this soft environment, will dilute the company's level of duties, thus allowing the smooth flow of communication, and ultimately with the wisdom of all employees to promote trillion new career.

3, civilized environment for the community to contribute.

We cultivate a healthy corporate culture, training high-quality wood toward the people. We consciously change their ideas, enthusiasm others, optimistic attitude of life, put an end to extreme and biased in a normal state of mind to know the community, to infect others, through our efforts, will establish a civilization in the spirit of healthy space.

4, an infinite survival of the enterprise environment.

We always keep in mind the customer is our god, employees are the foundation of corporate culture is the eternal soul. The interests of our company and employees, customers and the community to share in order to continue to expand the enterprise's survival space. We firmly believe that employees, customers and the community would love to return with us.