Starting today, you have become a Zhejiang Zhaoxin Textile SCI-TECH Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang trillion a member. I you choose to join a new Weaving Co., Ltd. Zhejiang trillion are very happy, and on behalf of New Textile Co., Ltd. Zhejiang trillion for your warm welcome! I hope you respect each other and live in harmony, hard work, through the good period of his life working for Love.

Weaving Co., Ltd. Zhejiang trillion is a rich new vision and passion of the team, filled with the pursuit of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and vigorous vitality. In exploring the development of China's textile industry on the road, play an important role.

Innovation is the driving force behind the development of the eternal. Companies actively involved in application of technology and the concept of innovation, enterprise fully expand living space, to create and maintain the enterprise's core competitiveness. Company's future broad space for development, the staff the best professional platform.

Company is committed to developing management talent, gathered a group of good management, understand the management, professional knowledge, and continuously strive for excellence talent.

Company staff to provide opportunities for sustainable development and space, to create a fair competitive environment. As long as you pay the thought and effort, learn, progress, eventually you will certainly get a fair evaluation. More importantly, this attitude in itself is good at learning the elements of success.

Team spirit and strong sense of professionalism is the company's inexhaustible source of strength. You will find the individual talent into team will only play better, in order to achieve greater success. Common goal of the company and the overall image of the premise, individual companies to promote play, and to provide staff with a broad space for development.

The company advocates "everyone has the opportunity to succeed by the struggle", the pursuit of values ​​that are interested in working, like-minded colleagues, good health, with an open mind, optimistic spirit, which has the value of money can not be replaced.

I look forward to seeing you in this harmony, passionate ideal environment to show their talent, and grow with the company.
As a member of our team, you work for the company and efforts, I am grateful! I sincerely hope to hear more of your comments and suggestions, let us co-management company, co-writing a new Weaving Co., Ltd. Zhejiang trillion brilliant tomorrow.

Wish you a happy company!

Zhejiang Zhaoxin Textile SCI-TECH Co., Ltd.     

      Chairman:Shen Huiyi